24of October 2016
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Artur Mas Right to decide and democratic values 09/04/2015
A talk with the president of the Government of Catalonia [...]
Ramon Trias Fargas award 08/04/2015
La Fondation CatDem lance la 19e Údition du Prix Ramon Trias Fargas d'Essai Politique. Les œuvres pourront être présentées en catalan, espagnol, anglais ou français, et doivent porter sur la pensée politique (économie, société, culture ou philosop [...]
Ramon Trias Fargas award 17/03/2015
CatDem Foundation announces the 19th edition of the Ramon Trias Fargas Political Essay Award. The works may be submitted in Catalan, Spanish, French or English, and must be about global or Catalan political thought (economy, society, culture, or political philosophy and theory).The provisions of the [...]
Il Piccolo Right to decide 13/03/2015
Creare diversi livelli di adesione all'Unione europea, permettendo cosý a nuove identitÓ territoriali, frutto di processi di secessione, di sottoscrivere il patto continentale. Tutto questo per˛ senza frazionare troppo il panorama costituito dai soggetto membri, perchÚ in tal caso il rischio sarebbe [...]
Felip Puig News 13/03/2015
Thanks to its privileged position in the Mediterranean, its history and the character of its people, Catalonia has always been a country open to the world, commerce, cultural exchange, creation and innovation. It has been this way for centuries and continues to be so now at the start of one of the m [...]
Right to decide and democratic values 02/12/2014
VilaWeb starts the publication of the series ‘Faces of independence’ · Well-known figures from around the country explain why they want independence [...]
Right to decide 26/11/2014
President Mas proposes to assemble a “wide-ranging list”, integrating members of civil society and political parties, “to obtain a majority in Parliament and to put into evidence Catalonia desire to become a new State” [...]
InTransit logo
InTransit is a newsletter about the Catalan-speaking territories. It is a joint project launched by various private institutions with the aim of building a useful tool for foreign correspondents working in Spain, academics, members of the diplomatic corps and anyone interested in learning about the perspective that comes from Catalan civil society entities. [...]