24of October 2014
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William Cole, Los Angeles Times Right to decide and democratic values 03/10/2014
Catalonia's drive to break away from Spain hit a roadblock this week. Spain's Constitutional Court on Monday agreed to hear Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's appeal contesting Catalonia's plan for a Nov. 9 referendum on independence and suspended the regional vote. The court has five months to [...]
Right to decide 01/10/2014
 Like the Scots, the Catalans want a referendum on independence. Unlike the British, the Spaniards aren’t inclined to let them have it. This is a mistake, and Spain's leaders need to show some unwonted statesmanship by making a vote possible -- even as they campaign for union. Cataloni [...]
Right to decide and democratic values 02/09/2014
A recent Johnson column on the treatment of Catalan sparked hundreds of comments. My colleague argued in favour of multilingualism in Spain on the grounds that speakers of Castilian Spanish should be “proud to learn their country’s other languages”. This post will offer a different [...]
By Matt Moffett and David Romßn Right to decide and democratic values 11/08/2014
Artur Mas Said That Meeting With Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Had Not Led to Agreement [...]
By Esteban Duarte Right to decide and democratic values 26/06/2014
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is losing the independence debate on the streets of Catalonia. Support for secession in the country’s biggest regional economy has been above 45 percent for the past year compared with 28 percent when the premier took office in 2011, according to regiona [...]
By Mick Krever, CNN Right to decide and democratic values 26/06/2014
From Scotland to South Sudan, Crimea to Donetsk, independence referendums (legal or not) are in vogue. And for Artur Mas, president of the Spanish region of Catalonia, the desire is just as strong: “Catalonia was born one thousand years ago. We have a long history behind us,” he t [...]
Matthew Tree Open Tribune 10/06/2014
Over the last couple of years, each time some foreign news outlet deigns to file a report (or a paragraph) on one or another aspect of the current Catalan push for home rule – for example, the 1.6 million strong Barcelona demonstration of 2012; or the two million strong Human Chain of 2013 (bu [...]
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InTransit is a newsletter about the Catalan-speaking territories. It is a joint project launched by various private institutions with the aim of building a useful tool for foreign correspondents working in Spain, academics, members of the diplomatic corps and anyone interested in learning about the perspective that comes from Catalan civil society entities. [...]