24of April 2014
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Andreu Mas-Colell Right to decide and democratic values 04/04/2014
Catalonia has a distinctive culture. Its people deserve to vote on self-determination [...]
Ramon Tremosa Right to decide 10/03/2014
"On November 9th Catalans will have a referendum on independence, Europe needs to grasp and understand better how this is a consequence of its own political success. Next 9th of November the Catalan people will vote on a referendum in order to decide their future. Following the Catalan elect [...]
Right to decide 14/02/2014
We offer the report called "The consultation on the political future of Catalonia" written by The  Advisory Council for the National Transition. The present report analyses the de facto situation and the juridical, political and procedural elements involved in organising a re [...]
Artur Mas Gavarrķ Right to decide and democratic values 13/01/2014
Catalonia’s Government and opposition parties, as mandated by our voters, have together decided to hold a popular vote on self-determination on 9 November 2014. Catalans will be asked a two-part question: “Do you want Catalonia to be a state? If so, do you want Catalonia to be an ind [...]
Right to decide and democratic values 03/01/2014
"Catalonia's president has called on European Union prime ministers for support as the region seeks a vote on independence in November this year, the source of an increasingly bitter fight with Spain's central government. In letters dating from December and made public on Thursday, Artur Mas [...]
Editorial 12/12/2013
November 9th 1989 is remembered by everyone as the day the Berlin wall felt, November 9th 2014, will be remembered as the day Catalonia will hold the referendum on its independence. The Catalan people will decide their own future. The wall set by those who want to deny us our right to decide will be [...]
ELF 25/10/2013
The common European narrative is one of the fundamental tools for fighting this phenomenon [...]
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InTransit is a newsletter about the Catalan-speaking territories. It is a joint project launched by various private institutions with the aim of building a useful tool for foreign correspondents working in Spain, academics, members of the diplomatic corps and anyone interested in learning about the perspective that comes from Catalan civil society entities. [...]